Third Conference on Maritime Law in Bremen

The Research Network for Maritime Law in the Bremen/Oldenburg metropolitan region in the northwest of Germany will host the Third Conference on Maritime Law in Bremen on 26 and 27 November 2015. As at previous conferences, the topics covered will include issues affecting the maritime industry, which are of major economic importance and are also highly relevant legal issues.

The shipping crisis that has persisted since 2008 illustrates the cross-border nature of insolvencies in the maritime sector. There is scarcely any other sector that is as familiar with the phenomenon of cross-border insolvencies. Current developments reveal the pressing issues that exist in the legal treatment of cross-border insolvencies, now and in the future. The fundamental question, for example, is whether existing conflicts can be resolved by legal harmonisation, competition between jurisdictions or through private-sector regulations.

The Blue Growth initiative, which supports growth through the innovative use of the marine and maritime sectors, is an important strategy that has been adopted by the European Union for future economic growth in Europe. It should be noted that significant conflicts regarding resources, space and marine protection already exist. Presentations made at the conference will show how the current and future development potential of marine usage, particularly in Germany and Europe, is positioned, and how maritime law is currently managing these developments and, if necessary, how it should manage them. The economic development potential of innovative usage should be allowed to evolve. At the same time, the marine environment must remain in good condition. The Research Network has been able to attract high-profile personalities from Germany and other countries who will address these issues from a legal and a practical standpoint.

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