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Second Conference on Maritime Law in Bremen

The Kieserling Foundation and the Forschungsverbund für Maritimes Recht (Research Association for Maritime Law) in the metropolitan region of Bremen-Oldenburg, consisting of the universities and colleges located in Bremen and Bremerhaven with academic networks in the northwest of the region, will hold a Second Conference on Maritime Law in Bremen on 28 and 29 November 2013. The conference will address new legal issues in the maritime sector. We have selected two highly topical subjects which require particularly in-depth legal examination.

The exploitation of the oceans is becoming an increasingly important economic and political issue. In addition to the production of oil and gas, they will now also be used as a location for offshore wind energy plants and ultimately also as part of the growing global trend for extracting raw materials. How does all of this fit in with protecting the environment? How can the conflicts regarding usage be resolved? Is there an adequate legal basis in place? How do we deal with the existing legislation? These are the types of key questions relating to public law and ocean exploitation that we want to ask at the conference and for which we want to highlight innovative solutions.

Free maritime trade is hugely significant for Germany’s future as Europe’s biggest exporter and for Bremen as the location of Germany’s second-largest seaport with an excellent position in container global shipping. The Research Association wants to look at the contribution that the new German maritime legislation can make to this issue and how this legislation will affect competition between states and legal systems.

Interesting presentations from prominent international experts and researchers will identify new ideas and approaches. We would be delighted to see you there and to hear your thoughts about important issues and to discuss the legal aspects with you. Thanks to the Kieserling Foundation’s support, participation in the event is free of charge.

Programme for the "Second Conference on Maritime Law in Bremen” [PDF]

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