3 April 2014

Evening event from the Kieserling Foundation with the President of Jacobs University Bremen

(Left to right: Svenja Hösel, Jürgen Roggemann and Professor Dr Katja Windt)

In a small circle of 25 guests, who followed the invitation of the Kieserling Foundation’s Board of Trustees to the Havanna Lounge Bremen, President Katja Windt explained the university’s new structure. In future, the focus will be on three key topics: diversity, health and mobility. She sees here the chance to deliver relevant research results, to train talented individuals from all over the world in Bremen and to qualify them for the global job market. The unique character of Jacobs University Bremen is its joining of scientific-academic insights into the new focal topics with their relevance against an economic backdrop, which is highly valued by partners from the business realm, as well as with their embedment within the humanities and the social sciences. This aims to prepare students holistically for their entry into the working world. We wish all the stakeholders much success in this endeavour, and we will continue to provide support!

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