(Retired Senator Josef Hattig, Detthold Aden)

Bremen, 23 April 2013 – The qualified logistics expert Detthold Aden is without doubt one of the most versatile players in the world of logistics. The Chairman of the Board of the BLG LOGISTICS GROUP has now been awarded the Kieserling Logistics Prize in recognition of his outstanding achievements. In front of approximately 250 invited guests in the Upper Hall of Bremen’s Town Hall (Obere Rathaushalle), retired Senator Josef Hattig presented the prize on behalf of the Kieserling Foundation. In his 12 years as Chairman of the BLG Supervisory Board, Hattig found the recipient to be an exceptionally dynamic company director: curious, refreshingly open, enthusiastic and always seeking new challenges.

Member of the “Logistics Hall of Fame”
In 2011, 65-year-old Aden, who keeps a bust of Napoleon in his office, was inducted into the Logistics Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame recognises personalities who have served the development of logistics and supply chain management particularly well: “Detthold Aden has logistics in his blood. As a manager and driving force in modern logistics, he has set trends and made huge inroads in promoting the industry,” are the reasons cited for awarding the BLG Chairman the prize. His preference for co-determination and his diligence in pursuing issues are reflected today in the many seats that he holds in associations, on business committees and on supervisory boards.

Detthold Aden is donating his prize money of EUR 15,000 to the Kunsthalle Bremen. It means that the art museum, an institution steeped in tradition, can purchase a painting. Director Dr. Christoph Grunenberg says: “We are delighted to accept this wonderful gift for the Kunsthalle, which is operated primarily by the Bremen Art Society (Kunstverein) and subsidised by funding.”

This is the seventh time that the Kieserling Logistics Prize has been awarded for outstanding services in the field of transport economics and logistics. Previous recipients include retired Senator Josef Hattig, the Güterverkehrszentrum (GVZ) (Freight Village) in Bremen , the German Foreign Trade and Logistics Academy (DAV) and Bremen’s former Lord Mayor Dr. Henning Scherf.

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Kieserling Logistics Prize 2013

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