Kieserling Foundation supports “German Maritime Studies”

Germany offers a wide range of maritime-related study programmes. However, up to recently, the public perception of the wide variety of courses in Germany left a lot to be desired. Nor did the courses score well when compared internationally. Following a suggestion made by the German Shipowners’ Association, a project group at the University of Bremen, headed up by Prof. Dr Thomas Pawlik, Dean of Studies for Nautical Science and Maritime Traffic and Professor of Maritime Management, set up the “German Maritime Studies” Internet portal as a shared portal for all German maritime study programmes. The study programmes offered by all relevant 14 universities and colleges of applied science from Leer to Stralsund, from Bremerhaven to Duisburg, are represented in the portal. The Kieserling Foundation supports the expansion and consolidation of the project whose goals include significantly improving the national and international visibility of German maritime study programmes in order to enhance the attractiveness of the study programmes to prospective German and foreign students.

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