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Our annual reports detailing our commitments can be downloaded here. The Kieserling Foundation’s mission is to provide transparent information to the public about its structure, allocation of resources and sponsors.

The Foundation’s work has also continued to progress over the last two years. We were able to support existing sponsors, host and optimise our own events, welcome interesting guests and propose and support a variety of new projects of all sizes.

An idea gathers momentum. This was the title of the first report published after the sudden death of our founder Karsten Kieserling in 2006. He defined the purpose of the Foundation as the promotion of science and research, training and education, with a specific focus on logistics. He also set out the direction of the Foundation’s work. After nine years, we can say that we have been able to stay the course that he set out and develop it.

Through their efforts, the companies and associates of the Kieserling and Compass Logistics Group, their partners and employees have created the economic conditions that allow us to fulfil our mission. We owe them a special debt of gratitude.

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